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Engineering Center

Ukrainian Design Bureau for Transmissions & Chassis Ltd (UKBTSh) develops agricultural machinery and equipment for optimal farming, seeking to offer a complete range of tillage equipment to farmers. In addition, we are developing transmission and chassis components, in particular, a new line of axles for construction equipment, automobile and tractor industry. We provide design support for LKMZ serial production, stable development and expanding of the existing product line.   

Structure of UKBTSh

Agricultural Equipment 

We have launched into production a world-level tillage equipment for successive farming to satisfy the demand in the agricultural sector. 
UKBTSh works in close interaction with the branch R&D organizations, such as V. Dokuchayev National Agrarian University (Kharkov) and L. Pogorely Ukrainian R&D Institute for Engineering Forecast and Trial Testing. 
UKBTSh is the initiator and coordinator of the Slobozhanskiy agri-technological center. 

Automobile industry 

We have launched into production a new-generation of drive-axles for construction vehicles, along with expanding the mix of prospective products to challenge new automobile-branch marketing segments. In this segment UKBTSh works closely with the engineering departments of the largest OEMs in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.