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Company History

Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant was established in 1966 to provide agricultural machine building enterprises in Kharkov region with hot-forged blanks. The location of production facilities is determined by the presence of a major railway junction and proximity to the steel mills in the eastern Ukraine.

The modern look of the enterprise was formed mainly in the mid-1970s – the first half of the 1980s. Thus, in early 1974 the first fully mechanized line for crankshafts stamping was put into operation, the same year the maintenance and machining shop was put into operation. The press-room was commissioned in 1979, and a year later – a shop for production of carriages. In 1982 the machine assembly shop and the shop for production of consumer goods were built.

Since 2002 LKMZ is part of the UPEC Industrial Group and is actively developing new, marketable activities, constantly expanding range of products. Since 2011 it has become Private Joint Stock Company “Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant”. 

As a main enterprise in Lozova town LKMZ is actively involved in solving social problems in Lozova town.