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Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant

Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant (LKMZ) is the largest press forging facility in Ukraine and CIS. Since 2002 it is a part of the UPEC Industrial Group.

The factory covers an area of 111 hectares and employs about 2400 people.

LKMZ is a leader in the production of complex shape forgings with a high level of precision, transmission and chassis components for tractors, road-building equipment, and railway rolling stock as well. It is the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of body and transmissions for light armored vehicles. In recent years the enterprise has successfully mastered mass production of a new line of tillage equipment for up-to-date energy efficient and soil conservation agriculture (Lozova machines brand).

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Our history

Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant was established in 1966 to provide agricultural machine building enterprises in Kharkov region with hot-forged blanks...→

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Our quality

LKMZ is the only enterprise in Ukraine, which has the status of an approved supplier of component parts for SKF ― the world leader in production of bearings...→

Applying of the unique technology makes it possible to produce forgings of complex shape with a high level of precision and reduced steel consumption, such as:

  • Hot forging of hollow and solid stubs and flanged hubs;
  • Stamping of crankshafts followed by wringing of crank pins;
  • Cross-wedge rolling of solid and hollow forgings such as stepped shafts and gear shafts; 
  • Rolling of ring profile forgings out of forged blanks.